Established in 1976, Stepping Stone Preschool provides children with a social and academic experience in a play based developmentally appropriate environment.

Stepping Stone Preschool maintains low teacher child rations of 1:8 among all age group and offer both full time as well as flexible part time schedules.home

Stepping Stone provides an environment of warmth and trust where play leads to building self-esteem, problem solving, creativity and social skills. Our indoor area and our outdoor playground allow maximum development for large and small muscle control, provide space for quiet play and allow the child’s imagination to create his/her own form of play. The curriculum provides our children with all the skills necessary to enter kindergarten socially and academically well prepared. Together, the programs have been designed to stimulate your child’s social, intellectual, emotional and physical growth in a healthy, loving environment.

We offer high-quality childcare programs for ages 2-5 catered to your family’s needs

We know that  children learn easily and well when they are in a warm, loving, ond stable environment.

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