First and foremost, I would like to say that I am so happy and impressed with Stepping Stone. Like most parents, I did a lot of research and tours of different preschools throughout the Bay Area. Of all the options, Stepping Stone was my first choice and it was just a matter of waiting for an opening (definitely a good sign if the school is full!).

My oldest child has been there almost a year and my youngest will start in the Winter. Teresa is wonderful and she hand picks her staff so well. Teresa cares so much about the children and she creates a loving environment that makes learning fun. I was shocked to read the negative reviews about her (of course I saw these reviews prior to touring the school however two friends of mine had mentioned the school to me so I decided to follow through with the tour….and I am so glad I did). In my opinion these negative reviews are furthest from the truth. My child is a very picky eater and Teresa has diligently worked with me, giving me different options, so that my child will eat and have enough energy at school. All the rules of the school are clearly outlined in the concise student handbook. Teresa along with the rest of the staff sticks to those guidelines which are typical for most schools.

Here are some reasons why I chose Stepping Stone and why I am so happy sending my child there:

-Open year round with enrollment anytime….you do not have to wait until August or Sept to enroll. You just have to see if there is an opening and if not, then put your name on the waiting list! Also only closed on usual holidays, one week in mid year, and two weeks for Xmas (many schools I toured were closed for at least a month during the summer).
- Sick policy – though it sounds strict (symptom/fever free for 24 hours) it works! My child has been sick only once and he has been there almost a year! Also the school is very clean and the staff teaches the children to wash their hands regularly.
-Communication – if I ever need to check up on my child or have a question for the teachers I just call and they ALWAYS answer. I never get a recording during school hours. Also when I pick up my child, he is allowed to run to me….not sure why other yelper said otherwise.
-Entertainment comes to the school instead of field trips – imagine packing up 30+ small children in car seats or having them walk along busy streets? Not a good idea and I have heard too many horror stories about toddler field trips. One of the activities they do is gymnastics. They have a special instructor come to the school and set up mats, etc… Recently they had a Bay Area dentist visit and teach the children. Fun!
-All food is provided! So you do not need to pack a lunch. And like I said earlier, Teresa is more than willing to work with you if your child has any allergies or food dislikes!
-Preparation for kindergarten – so far so good! My child is learning something new everyday and always comes home with a new art project. I am amazed at how much my child has already learned since entering Stepping Stone.
-Teaching staff – excellent student to teacher ratio. The staff is nurturing and responsive to the students’ needs. I really like ALL the teachers there and so does my son!

Overall I am very happy with Stepping Stone. And last but not least, I have no special interest in Stepping Stone nor was I given a special gift card to Starbucks to write this review. I am just a regular mom writing a positive review about a school that I am so pleased with. Plus, 30+ other parents wake up every morning to drop off their children at Stepping Stone….so I know I am not alone in my thinking!

Jennifer O.
San Mateo, CA


I have had my daughter at Stepping Stone for 2 1/2 years now and couldn’t be happier. They run a terrific program in which all the kids interact with each other and are also broken into age groups to focus on individual developmental skills. The staff are always very upbeat and encouraging the kids. The director runs a well organized and structured program. Expectations and goals for the kids and parents are all explained clearly upfront and they hold themselves as well as the parents and kids accountable which is all anyone can ask. The school is always very clean and tidy and the children are expected to participate in keeping it that way which is great. This attitude has carried over to our home where our daughter never fights having to help clean up her room and actually takes great pride in doing so. Since both my wife and I work we were initially concerned that our daughter wouldn’t have the necessary attention paid to her to learn basic manners and social interaction skills. Those fears proved to be nothing but a waste of time as the school has done a magnificent job of helping our daughter to develop into a well adjusted and well mannered 4 1/2 year old. They have very creative projects and activities for the kids as well as a terrific play yard in which they are able to spend a lot of time outside. All in all Stepping Stone has met and/or exceeded any of our expectations!

Nick K.
Burlingame, CA


My son went to Stepping Stone and we both loved it! The Director, Teresa is wonderful as well as her staff. They take great care of the children. I was impressed with the program and prepping my son for Kindergarten. I was even more impressed when my son’s Kindergarten teacher asked what pre-school he went to because he was so prepped and she wanted to send her two year old to the same school! This confirmed that Stepping Stone is a great Pre School! Many creative activities and a big playground for the children to play in. Five big stars for Stepping Stone in Burlingame!

Julie F.
Millbrae, CA


Two of my children have gone to Stepping Stones (one graduated, one is still there and my youngest will start next Fall) and we couldn’t me more thrilled with this school. The Director, Teresa, has been wonderful and I appreciate how up front she was about how the school runs and what to expect. If you want your children to thrive in a fun, yet structured and nurturing environment, then this is the school for you. The students work on letters, writing their names, learn numbers, arts and crafts. They also do work sheets where they learn all the skills that will prep them for Kindergarten or their next educational next level. The outside play area is wonderful as well….love that the children can run around in a safe area. We couldn’t ask for more wonderful teachers! Oh, and they celebrate and learn about every Holiday and have such a special graduation ceremony at the end of the year for the little graduates.

Kelsey A.
Burlingame, CA


All three of my children have attended Stepping Stones for preschool. I absolutely love the teachers. Teresa, the owner of the school, is well educated, very well organized and takes her job seriously. I love that the school is located inside the neighborhood rather than on a busy street as many of the preschools I visited had playgrounds backing up to noisy streets. I also like that the school is small. Another plus for me is that they do not take the kids on field trips. We do enough traveling and local day trips as it is. I hope this helps!

Ms. C.
San Mateo, CA

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